Please fill out the Customer Information section on the Customer Service Order form, and indicate the preferred size of your garbage tote (68 or 95 gallon) in the box at the bottom of the form by Garbage.  You may then return the completed form to the office along with a deposit of $100.00 plus a $35.00 service initiation fee (cash, money order, cashiers check, or credit cards only) during regular office hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 -5:00.  Questions?  Call us at (509) 745-8871 or email us at  The completed form will then be forwarded to your landlord, if applicable, for signature.


DUMPSTER ORDER FORM (Requires Pre-Payment of a Deposit and Delivery Fee).  Please refer to the Town dumpster policy for more information.

GARBAGE PICK UP SCHEDULE  (Weekly pick-up for addresses north of Poplar is on Tuesday, addresses south of Poplar is on Thursday, and all dumpsters are picked up on Friday.)

2021 UTILITY RATES   These rates are effective December 20, 2020.