Gateway to the Waterville Plateau, and home of the famous Big Bend Round-Up for over 100 years.  Enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the Cascades, over 300 days of sunshine, the four seasons, and wide expanses of fertile wheatland.  Waterville....a community to grow in. 

FAQ:  Is it permissible to have a small (4'x4') recreational fire on my property?

All outdoor burning
is prohibited in Waterville per WMC 8.06.  Violators may be fined $75.00-$500.00.  However, fires for grilling, cooking, or smoking food which are contained within an appliance or device using charcoal, wood, or combustible gas for fuel are allowed.  Kerosene, gasoline, propane or other gas-fueled fires emitted from a torch, burner manifold, or similar device may be used for heating, construction, or maintenance purposes.